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Rule number one:
Never ask a counselor to write a biography. You'll get a chronological dissertation starting from birth.
Rule number two: If you ask me how I feel, be prepared!

I am complex. One minute digging fertilizer into the garden, knee deep in dirt...the next getting ready in my little black Evan Picone for a night out...and another playing horse with my kids (basketball). I am easy going. It takes a lot to rattle my cage. I hate arguing. I thrive on harmony. I adore babies and children. I dislike mean/bossy people. I am attracted to creative, positive energy people. I have real issue with 'authority' figures. I do not like being told what to do. I look for balance in everything. I need to be surrounded by artful things. I am lousy with numbers! I am an ENFJ.
I am an up-front, heart-on-my-sleeve, open book person. I dislike catty, manipulative people. I am a good friend. (and I dislike using the word 'I' so much!!)

Originally from Avon Lake, Ohio...right on the banks of Lake Erie. Even after living in California for the last 31 years, I still consider Ohio my home.

Education: BA, Communicative Disorders (Speech Therapy and Audiology), MA,Educational Psychology...Credentialed to teach k-adult education and Special Education Hearing Impaired. Ok...enough of that!!

I'm a jack-of-all trades...occupationally, a 'generalist'. (runway model; elementary teacher, high school teacher, swimming, diving, gymnastics coach, rehabilitation counselor, interpreter, school principal) I've been all over the job map!! My first job in California was as a Big Boy carhop (complete with BIG hair!) last was as a university counselor/instructor (a job that I adored).

Right now I'm in the most challenging job of all, a stay-at-home-mom to 3 daughters, 21yrs, 5 and 7. At nearly 52 years 'young' I'm just beginning to come into my own.

Even with all the education, I've never been a career woman. Never wanting to admit it, (especially growing up in the 60's and 70's), I LOVE being a 'Becky Home-ecky'. I love taking care of the house and kids...Of course being home can make me crazy at times ("No Natalie, cheddar cheese is NOT window paint!")...and I'm looking for the elusive 'balance' like most moms, but I LOVE being here. I love decorating my home...I love watching my kids play...I love it when people come over and I can spoil them with hospitality

Speaking of loves. I'm married to Greg. Ex- football player, pre-med student turned entymologist (he's a bug man), a kid-at-heart, honest, loving, down-to-earth, good guy. He'd be a great stay-at-home dad...the girls love him... All kid who meet him, love him. I'm lucky...even when he behaves like an old poop from Mars. other loves: music, books, gardening, COLOR, antique hunting, scrapbooking (of course), hunkering down with my husband and kids and watching movies, dark chocolate, coffee, ballet, wine, celebrating anything...Ok, I LOVE my birthday (it should last a week!) and love having parties. I am SO Martha! LOVE being girly (perfume, long baths, dressing-up)

Ok...I warned you! This has 'dissertation' written all over it...I'd better stop now. If there's something you just have to know...just ask me!